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Rental Policy

Sign Up

Sign up is simple.  You only have to register one time.  Make sure you remember your email and password.  If you forgot, just send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.  New account with invalid email address will be canceled. will only ship orders to the cardholder. will not accept international orders, PO BOX and APO address. Only United States (Hawaii & Alaska included).

All of our DVDs are the original from the publisher.  We do not rent out bootleg and/or copied DVDs.  All titles are licensed by publisher.  This includes all versions from Korea, Hong Kong, United States and other countries. All of our titles are from original publisher.

Rental Terms

Minimum 3 DVDs per order. 

You can check your history to see the order status.

You will have 10 full days to view the DVDs.  The estimated return due date is stamped on envelope.  We allow time for shipping, so don't worry.  If your order has been delayed getting to you, please let us know asap and we will adjust the return date.  Have the return envelope post marked on or before the return date which is stamped on the envelope (for holidays, next business day is ok).  We do charge a late fee of $2.00 per DVD rental that is over 1 week past the due date. We are not in the business to charge late fees, but want our members to return the DVDs in a timely manner.   

We will replace damaged DVDs with same title.

All orders are secured (SSL) encryption.

No refund.

Please check to make sure your DVD player/DVD-ROM can play region DVD 3. 

We do keep track of the condition of the DVDs returned to us by members. 


Shipping Info

We pay for postage shipping both ways on rentals. We do charge a small fee of $1.50 per order.

All DVD(s) are shipped by the United States Postal Service, First Class.  You should be receiving your movies within 2-5 business days. For purchase of DVDs, buyers are responsible for the postage.

All orders will be shipped the next business day.  We may hold partial order for large orders. Please contact your local postal office if you are having experience in delays or lost orders. 

Region Code/Format

dvd1 -
The DVD can be played in any DVD player.
dvd3 - Standard DVD player region code for United States and Canada.
dvdall - Standard DVD player region code forTaiwan, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, East & South East Asia.

You must have a region DVD3 or region free DVD player/DVD-ROM to view DVD3 movies. 

No refund.  Please check to make sure your DVD player/DVD-ROM can play region 3 code.

Lost DVDs/Unreturned DVDs does track lost DVDs.  If we deem you have excessive amount of lost DVDs or attempt to fraud, you will be charged the suggested retail price and your account suspended.  Lost DVD from a movie or mini series set will be charged the portion of the full suggested retail price.  Example: 4 disk set cost $80.00.  You lost 1 DVD and will be charged $20.00. If you have lost the DVD while in your possession, you will be charged the full retail price.

If the title(s) are not returned after the 2nd week from the due date and you do not respond back to our email, we will charge you the full price of the title(s). 

Damage DVD/Lost Of Envelope And Sleeve

If you received damaged DVD, send it back to us and we'll send you a replacement.  If you lost the return envelope, let us know and we'll mail you the return envelope.  If the sleeve is lost, please replace it with another DVD/CD sleeve.  Make sure you write down your name so we know it came from you.

Cancellation Of Account

You may cancel anytime.  Let us know and we will deactivate the account. 
We may at any time cancel an account or refuse service at our discretion.

Return Policy (Only for Sale Items - Rental Excluded)

Opened packages on new DVD sales will not be returned for a refund.  Only exchange for same item if the product is defective or damaged.  We will send out a return postage. 

Unopened DVD packages may be returned for a refund and you are responsible for the return postage (postage not covered by  The original package has to been in good conidtion.  Full refund.  Damaged package will be rejected.

Our Mailing Address
PO BOX 7120
Chandler, AZ 85246

Please feel free to send us your suggestions, comments and questions.  Thank you and enjoy the movies!




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