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The Soul Guardians

The Soul Guardians
The Soul Guardians
Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
Cast: An Seong-Gi, Sin Hyeon-Jun
Release Year: 1998
Subtitle: English, Korean
Language: Korean
Duration: 98 Minutes
Rating: 18

It is late at night and raining heavily. Smoke shells fly in through the windows of a rickety building owned by a socil group. A police force breaks into the building to search the dim rooms, only to find traces of a religious service. A drop of blood falls onto the protective goggle of an investigating police officer, and the Task Force Unit discovers a pile of corpses. These cult followers were presumed to have committed mass suicide. The Unit also discovers a pregnant woman who they take to the hospital. There, a baby is born. The baby was to be sacrificed in a cult ritual designed to arouse devils. Enter the Soul Guardians: Hyeon-Am, Father Park, and Joon-Hoo. They lead a fight against devils who exploit human beings in their quest to rule the world. Seung-Hee, once offered as a sacrifice, appears now 20 years later as a fully-matured woman who can conceive the Devil's children. She begins to murder the five survivors from the mass suicide, one by one. The three Soul guardians try to protect these five people, but in vain, for Seung-Hee is given an incredible Devil's power. The Soul Guardians appear before Seung-Hee to tell her the secret of her birth, and that the Devil is trying to be born through her. However, she does not listen to them. In the end, the Devil's Warrior Guard appears before her and the battle between the Soul Guardians and the Devils begins.


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